4x4 Spinning Merchandise Unit (16 product cubes) Included with Initial Order of 12 Case-Packs

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Maple cube spinning merchandising unit.  24"W x 24"D x 54"H.  Each cube is 10.5"w x 11.5"H x 11"D.  16 product cubes.  Rotating and on casters. Drop ships to your campus via supplied shipper number.  Header card, mounting hardware and product clip/hardware ships separately from University Life Outfitters.  Assembly required.

*Included with your initial purchase over $4400/retail.  Please add to cart and we will comp the unit before we invoice your purchase order. 

Flexible marketing, product display cards are provided with your apparel purchase. Rearrange as necessary for your diverse campus store.  Our flexible merchandising cards allow you to promote certain products/designs that complement unique campus events such as parent-weekend, home sporting events and other relevant campus news.